Monday, September 09, 2013

Are You Harming Your Eyes with Eye Makeup?

Do you:

1. Wear contact lenses,
2. Have dry or sensitive eyes,
3. Have allergies which affect your eyes,
4. Suffer eyestrain from long hours reading or at the computer, and/or
5. Wear eye makeup daily (especially long wear/waterproof products)?

If you said yes to any of the above, you need to read this article. Then share with people you know who have similar concerns.

In the course of writing Top Two Removers for Long Wear Makeup Products and Want People to Notice Your Eyes, Not Your Makeup?, I came across some fascinating - disturbing even - information about eye makeup and eye health.

It was so "eye opening" that ...



  1. I'm certain that part of the reason my skin is so good now, and my eyes so smooth still, is that I have thoroughly cleaned them morning and night, daily, since I was twelve, using eye gel and moisturizer to follow. I've always given my skin/eyes a break at least a few times per week. I think we should keep our skins clean and un-moisturised for an hour or two occasionally, as well.

    Makeup for 8-12 hours a day, everyday, blocks the skins healthy functioning-- let's face it, even the best makeup on earth is, essentially, pretty dirt, and wearing dirt that constantly can't be good.

  2. Good points, Mary. Thanks for the tips.


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