Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Use Sunscreen Faithfully or Age 24% Faster, Conclusion

[The study backing up the advice to Use Sunscreen Faithfully or Age 24% Faster! was reported yesterday in Part 1.]

Sun ProtectionIf you've been following the advice I've given for years to apply SPF 30 or more every day, you should be in good shape. When spending extended time outdoors, reapply as needed while working up a sweat or when spending time in the water.

A Few Other Things to Know About the Sun's UV Rays
  • Reflected UV radiation is just as damaging as direct UV radiation.
    • Sand/concrete reflects 25% of UV radiation.
    • Water reflects up to 100% of UV radiation.
    • Snow reflects 85% of UV radiation.
  • Wet clothing allows ...

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