Friday, June 14, 2013

Reduce Stress and Slim Down like Hollywood Celebrities, Conclusion

[Part 1 of Reduce Stress and Slim Down like Hollywood Celebrities appeared Wednesday.]

Pay attention to the supplement's expiration date. Probiotic capsules are not the type of supplement you want to stock up on. Why? Only live strains of bacteria can fight other live bacteria. Buy a fresh bottle when you need more.

Though the bottle may say only, "store in a cool, dry place", it's best to refrigerate a probiotic supplement bottle after opening just as you refrigerate other perishables.

You don't need to take probiotic supplements every day for the rest of your life, though some companies marketing them may imply that. The goal is to get the digestive system into balance.

That may take two weeks or two months. Every case is different. Even for one person, it depends on overall health at the time.

As with a healthy weight diet, once you've reached that healthy point, you only need to maintain it.

When maintenance is achieved and the digestive system is working smoothly, two or three capsules a week work for most people.

The brand of probiotic supplement Hollywood stars are clamoring for, according to the Daily Mail article, is Symprove.

Symprove is a liquid which comes in a lemony flavor and a new mango-passion fruit blend. According to the company, liquid form is a superior solution to the problem of getting more live friendly bacteria past the acidic environment of the stomach to the lower digestive tract.

Currently, Symprove is only shipped within the UK. A 500 ml bottle costs 22 pounds or $35 USD. If you weigh 110 pounds (like many Hollywood starlets), a bottle will last 10 days. The daily dosage is one milliliter of Symprove per kilo of body weight.

Read more on the very informative Symprove FAQs page.

If buying Symprove is beyond your means geographically or economically, after researching this article, I believe I've found a perfectly acceptable alternative.

Master Supplements TheralacTheralac meets or exceeds all of the criteria I've laid out for an effective high-potency multi-strain probiotic supplement.

Master Supplements, the manufacturer of Theralac, also has a very informative Probiotic Supplement FAQs page.

Disclaimer: I'm not a physician and this article should not be taken as medical advice.


  1. Not my thing. I'd much rather de-stress with a book and a glass of vino!

  2. Lol, H.H., I'm with you ...

    except after antibiotics or when nothing seems to calm my system.


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