Friday, February 01, 2013

Things to Consider Before Eye Area Tattoos if You Have Chronic Dry Eye

[Part 1, Things to Consider Before Eye Area Tattoos, posted Wednesday.]

After successful treatment to clear the [eye area] granulomas [caused by allergic reaction to tattoo pigment], the study's authors concluded, "An allergic granulomatous reaction is one of the adverse reactions seen after permanent eyeliner tattoo.

Treatment can be challenging and may ultimately require excision of tattoo pigment to remove the inciting factor. Systemic steroids may aid in controlling the inflammation associated with reaction to the tattoo pigment." (Journal of Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, Jan-Feb 2006)

I'm not a doctor, so just want to reiterate the doctor's words from Wednesday's post. Be sure to check with your personal eye specialist first!

If you've never suffered the extreme pain of corneal abrasions (which are often the first symptom that send a dry eye sufferer to the doctor), or don't yet know how serious dry eye can become, read about other steps which may become necessary if the condition isn't well-controlled with OTC drops and eye lubricants.

• The cost (about $100 a month) and side effects of Restasis (cyclosporine ophthalmic); and

Tear duct plugs.

In the extreme, of course, your very vision is at risk.

Permanent Makeup TattooI have dry eye also and the skin around the eyes has become quite sensitive; so no permanent eyeliner for me!

All that said, I'm thinking about having my eyebrows tattooed. Shh ... my hubby doesn't know it yet.

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