Monday, February 25, 2013

Sally Hansen Raises the Bar on Salon-Like Gel Nail Substitutes

Sally Hansen Triple Strong Gel NailReview of Sally Hansen Triple Strong Gel Nail Fortifier

I've just switched from Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel to Sally Hansen Triple Strong Gel Nail Fortifier.

In my opinion, Sally Hansen offers the best value nail care products anywhere. In a Yahoo poll last year, the brand ranked in the top five; but it was the only brand in the top five which falls into the affordable category. For nail care, I keep a close eye out for new Sally Hansen products.

Nail CARE becomes more important with age. Nails age, just like the rest of the body. With hormonal and metabolic changes, UV damage, and other accumulated wear and tear, nails grow more slowly, thin, break or peel, and may develop ridges from previous trauma.

Speaking of trauma, my nails have endured a lot over the years. So I'm always on the lookout for topical nail strengtheners and fortifiers. I wore acrylic nails for some 20 years and tried gel nails for a couple more. Ah, if only I'd known ...

Acrylics and gels have damaged my nails and nail beds. Plus I contracted nail fungal infections a few times.

Did you know that, given an opening, bacteria or fungus can grow between the artificial and natural nail? Have you ever re-glued an artificial nail that lifted? If the nail is re-glued without proper cleaning, it's an open invitation. "Yoohoo, bacteria and fungus - here's a new home for you."

I miss the hardness and strong feel of gel and acrylic nails; so I keep trying "gel"-like nail products. Let's face it though; none of these products can yet match UV-hardened salon gel nails. On the other hand, they're safer and more pleasant to use.

• No noxious odor;
• No UV exposure;
• No risk of damage to nail bed when removing the product;
• No risk of fungal infection.

I really like Sally Hansen Triple Strong, but will keep an eye out for the next improvement.

I just ordered Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Nail Base and Topcoat Set, which looks very promising. Unfortunately, it's out of stock and will be sent as soon as it's available. I'll test it against Sally Hansen's best as soon as I can.

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