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Read Ingredient Lists and Watch for Signs of Tampering or Defect

An anonymous reader left this comment on Topical Products to Firm Sagging Neck .

It's something worth remembering. Quality control and tampering prevention policies of major manufacturers and retailers have come such a long way, that 99% of the time, personal care products you buy are safely-formulated, preserved, and sealed for your protection.

Beware the 1%. Know what ingredients irritate your skin. Return or toss products that look or smell "off" or may have been tampered with.

Let manufacturers know if you encounter a problem.


I bought StriVectin and used it for a month. I think it actually made my neck look worse after a week, but I kept using it. I then developed small red bumps all over my neck and down my chest. I stopped using it and am looking for another one to try.

It's been a week since I stopped using it and the small red bumps are fading away slowly. I was pretty horrified.

StriVectin-TL Tightening Neck CreamHi "An",

Thanks for leaving a comment to let people know. StriVectin is still working beautifully for my face, neck, and upper chest. I'm sorry you had a nasty experience.

But your experience illustrates that some individual will be allergic to just about any product out there.

Always review the ingredient list before buying. Stop using a product immediately if the skin breaks out in any way. Note which ingredient(s) may have been the cause. Look for ones you are allergic to, that are known skin irritants, or you haven't used before.

Sometimes the skin clears quickly and a product can be tried again. If the skin tolerates the product the second time, it may have been something else that caused the reaction. Think of other new skin products you tried around the same time, as well as foods or medications.

However if the skin reaction recurs, most well-known stores and brands will allow the customer to return the product for a full refund.

Just in case the particular product was contaminated, it's nice to report the incident to the manufacturer or ask the retailer if they routinely do so.

Read how in Quality Control Problem?

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  1. I forgot to mention something I frequently do with respect to StriVectin's new line.

    Except for the formulas for sensitive skin, most of the products contain Menthol which is a very common skin irritant.

    I wish they would leave it out. In the meantime, it's just something to be aware of...


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