Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things to Consider Before Eye Area Tattoos

Have you heard any negativity about permanent eye liner? A friend has had it done; and I am considering it. But I'm a little afraid. I have chronic dry eyes for one thing and I'm afraid it might make it worse.


Permanent Makeup TattooHi Willabelle,

Here's a good overview on permanent (tattooed) makeup from WebMD.

Specific to dry eye and permanent eyeliner, I found one doctor's warning.

"Dry eye is usually a contraindication for any procedure involving the eyes or the lid. I am not totally familiar with [permanent eyeliner] so do not feel comfortable offering any advice in this type of forum. I would definitely recommend checking with your doctor."

On the other hand, this came from a dry eye forum.

"I had eyeliner 'tattooed' earlier this year and I love it! I specifically [had it] on the lower lids because using artificial tears all the time would wash my eyeliner away."

You should be sure to have a patch test before undergoing the procedure. Though rare, people can have allergic reactions to the injected pigment.

An observational case series was conducted on four patients who developed inflammatory eyelid reactions after receiving permanent eyeliner tattoo.

Read more Friday in Things to Consider Before Eye Area Tattoos if You Have Chronic Dry Eye.

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