Friday, January 04, 2013

How do you Want to Grow in 2013?

Word of the YearIt's very interesting to look back and realize how well my Words of the Year have served.

As I said Wednesday, "An intention, firmly embraced, creates reality".

But how can we know in advance what intention will be required to move us along our intended path?

My Words of the Year with 20/20 Hindsight

In 2011, I had chosen "CALM".

The year turned out to be a tough one including deaths of family and friends, serious illness, and economic struggles. My Word of the Year truly grounded me and, along with my Faith, helped me get through.

Of course there were signs of many of the challenges coming our way, but positive outcomes seemed as likely as the bad. Mom could have lived a few more years. The economy might have gotten better rather than worse.

I chose "CALM" because I relied on my gut, my instinct, my intuition ... call it what you will.

2012 was a happier and healthier year for us. Without foreknowledge of that, I chose the words "GIVE" and "EXPLORE" to direct my life and continue to grow.

"GIVE" worked out exceptionally well. I was presented with many opportunities to give to others in meaningful ways.

It wasn't always financial help that was needed. That awareness opened my eyes to other possibilities.

I thought "GIVE" would be the more difficult of my two words, but it wasn't.

While I did climb some personal mountains, especially in "technical" areas, many of my other attempts to "EXPLORE" left me feeling so scattered that I hardly knew which way to turn.

On balance "EXPLORE" left me feeling braver and more confident, but aware that I also need to be selective. I can't have it all, do it all, learn it all.

That leads me quite naturally to my Word of the Year for 2013: "FOCUS". It's a process and I'm a work in progress.

You can download singer/songwriter Christine Kane's free worksheet Your Word of the Year Discovery Tool here.

How do you plan to progress in 2013? Did you make a resolution, choose a single word ... or are you leaving it to the whims of chance?


  1. Hi Jean, I'm so glad to hear that your son is getting married this year as well. Anyways, congratulations on your 45th Anniversary! That's so wonderful!!

    Have a nice day (:

  2. Thank you, Stephanie.

    I wish you and your fiance as least as many wonderful years together.


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