Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Ageless Beauty Gratified by Reader Feedback

Dear Newsletter Subscribers,

As I announced in the December newsletter, Mia was the winner of our special Christmas giveaway for subscribers only. It did my heart good to see how many people responded.

Most often sending out the free monthly What's New in Ageless Beauty seems like throwing my words to the wind. That's because I don't know if people actually read them.

I get statistics on what per cent of recipients open the letter and how many links are clicked on (whether ad links or links to read the full article referenced - yay to either!).

The clicks are a pretty good indication of reader interest, but it's still hard to know if I'm hitting the right note and sending you information of interest overall.

On the other hand, you haven't unsubscribed, so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. If you have any suggestions though, they are ALWAYS welcome!

Mia was quite excited to win and sent a nice thank you note. But I also received feedback from a few other responders. Here's one of my favorites.

What's New in Ageless BeautyHi Jean,

I'm sure I'm not the first to reply, however I did want to take this moment to wish you a Happy & Healthy 2013! I hope your Christmas was blessed with family, friends and the joys of the season.

Thank you for the information you take the time to compile and send out to your subscribers each month, myself included. I, for one, appreciate your efforts and all I have been able to learn from those efforts. I was not able to really use the blog as I do not subscribe to any social media. Thank you again.

Happy New Year.


Age Less with Ageless BeautyVivian's comment about the blog prompts me to point out that you don't need to join anything to read the Ageless Beauty blog. Just bookmark the Home Page or copy the URL ( and save it in a little list for yourself, along with other favorites.

You're free to just visit anytime, lurk around in the background (lol), leave comments anonymously (all comments are much appreciated - except for spam and nastiness).

Any of these venues preserve your privacy. You don't need to give or leave any personal information.

I warmly welcome any type of participation in Ageless Beauty.

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