Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year to Ageless Beauties around the Globe

Happy New Year!Thank you for walking along with me for another year into a longer healthspan.

If there are any new members I didn't personally welcome when you subscribed or joined the Ageless Beauty Friend Connect group, let me say how pleased I am that you've chosen to join us on our walk.

Though I started researching healthy aging years earlier, it was eight years ago that we launched the Ageless Beauty website and the monthly newsletter, "What's New in Ageless Beauty".

Seven years ago we added this blog where I love to interact with readers. I really do! It's a joy to hear from you; get your ideas for new topics; and frequently answer your questions.

New Ageless Beauties enter our ranks every day. They bring fresh ideas and insights; while we veterans can supply the benefit of our very real experience at aging healthfully. What a wonderful mix!

Readers, followers, and subscribers come and go. But more are coming than going.

We have readers from:

• The US,
• Russia,
• The UK,
• Canada,
• Australia,
• Ukraine,
• Germany,
• Mexico,
• Spain, and
• China,
• Plus a scattering of countries where page views of Ageless Beauty are too low to register in the stats.

Isn't that amazing? Not just that that we're bringing together Ageless Beauties from around the globe and from many different cultures, but also that those in non-English speaking countries are either:

• Far from their country of birth this New Year's Eve; or
• Are making the effort to educate themselves about healthy aging in a second (or maybe even third) language!

May you all have a wonderful New Year's Eve filled with friends and fond memories.

As we transition into the year 2013, I'm reflecting on events and accomplishments of 2012 while I ponder what my new Word of the Year should be.

Last year I concentrated on Giving and Exploring. Now I feel the need for Focus. Or maybe the word should be Decide. There's my problem in a nutshell: I can't decide! lol.

How about you? Do you have reflections, dreams, and aspirations to share with your fellow Ageless Beauties?


  1. Happy New Year, Jean (:

  2. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Happy New Year. Thank you for all the educational postings through out the years! :)


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