Monday, December 03, 2012

Injectable Cosmetic Practices and Prices Vary by Country

Hi Jean,

I would like your comments on this. My sister-in-law is coming to visit us in Guadalajara the first two weeks in February and she mentioned that she'd like to get some Botox done. It's cheaper in Mexico than in England.

I've heard a few horror stories and am wondering what your take on that is. Any comments?

I'm sure you know lots of people who've had this done and after reading your blog I know you have some good comments!


Wrinkle TreatmentHi Lisa,

Here's an article for your sister-in-law, Injectable Fillers: Easy Approval Leads to Health Risks.

It's specifically about some horror stories with injectable fillers in the UK.

This article, Botox Dangers: How to be Sure You are in Good Hands, covers precautions ...

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  1. Good advice. I am so reluctant to try botox - it's too expensive anyway - but this is good info for those who are looking into it.


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