Monday, November 19, 2012

Green Tea Products for Sensitive Skin

Have you found a quality Green Tea Extract (EGCG) facial cream to use with the Baby Quasar?

I'd be interested in a recommendation. My wife has very sensitive skin and breaks out to many products with certain cheap ingredients, i.e. mineral oil.


John Masters Organics Green Tea and Rose Hydrating Face SerumHi Jason,

You'll find my top recommendations, along with some selection tips, in Have Some Tea with Your LED.

I checked the ingredient lists of my top picks for common irritants. However, it's impossible for me to know exactly what else your wife may be sensitive to.

Pick #1 John Masters Organics Green Tea and Rose Hydrating Face Serum contains Ylang Ylang Flower Oil, and Frankincense Extract.

Pick #2 June Jacobs Green Tea Serum contains Denatured Alcohol, Limonene, and Linalool.

Pick #3 Sudden Change Green Tea Creams have no commonly known skin irritants but the lowest concentration of Green Tea (EGCG) Extract.

None of the above contains Mineral Oil, which you specifically mentioned irritates your wife's sensitive skin.



  1. Thanks, Jean. I have a weird disease that gives me ultra-sensitive skin, and am always looking for fresh ways to care for myself without irritation-- when your skin bugs out easily, you can't always use the same products through several seasons.

  2. You're welcome, HH.

    If you're looking for anything specific, you can PM me using the Contact Us form on site.


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